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What is WHEPSA ?

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WHEPSA SENEGAL is a division of WHEPSA INTERNATIONAL whose head office is located in USA, Michigan.

WHEPSA SENEGAL was recognized as an NGO in Senegal by the Ministry of Social Devlopment on 30 Mai 2003 and registered under the number 003618. (History of WHEPSA-SENEGAL)

WHEPSA SENEGAL has specialists in the fields of health, education, operational research, comunity devlopment, struggle against poverty, social marketing, micro finance and micor insurance. (Team of WHEPSA-SENEGAL)

WHEPSA SENEGAL relie on a multidisciplinary team in which every single member is well experimented on his field of expertise.

WHEPSA SENEGAL operate across the whole teritory of Senegal accordingly to its status.

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