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Driving principles

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WHEPSA-SENEGAL promotes the balance between social and sanitary conditions.

WHEPSA-SENEGAL help the government and the local authorities to make local communities responsible to resolve their health and devlopment issues themselves.

WHEPSA-SENEGAL aim to help government and local authorities to improuve life conditions of populations in general and specially for women, children, teenagers and seniors.

Thus, the driving principles of WHEPSA-SENEGAL are :

  • To make populations responsible for defining and taking charge of their own prioritary health issues ;
  • To implicate populations in the processes of conception, planification and realisation of all comunitary activities related to health promotion ;
  • To realise relationship between communities, local authorities and local health structures for a better synergism ;
  • To incrise local expertise and traditionnal knowledge ;
  • To develop the involvment of multiple area of expertise within interventions ;
  • To improve the self resoultion of health issues by the populations
  • To adapte the health interventions with social et cutural realities.

On the health matter, WHEPSA SENEGAL aim in priority :

  • maternal health,
  • children survival,
  • familly planification,
  • IST/HIV/AIDS prevention,
  • fight against paludism,
  • fight aginst epidemics and endemics,
  • fight against harmfull practices,
  • reduction of poverty,
  • devlopment of femal eadership.

In addition to the population involvment within the organisation and the health services management, WHEPSA-SENEGAL emphasizes the setting up of solidarity and maintnance of investments.

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